BB Cream – It’s Time To Go Makeup Free

Hydroxatone BB Cream

BB cream gives you freedom from heavy makeup. It is ideal for people who already got good complexion, except a few blemishes and lines here and there. The cream contains tinted moisturizers that provide light to medium coverage to skin. 

BB, also called Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm, has been the beauty secret of Korean actresses for long. It was developed by a German dermatologist who used this formula as a soothing agent on her clients’ skin after laser surgeries. 

Its amazing quality to hide skin imperfections and soothe skin made it the favorite of women in Asia. The American version of BB cream contains anti aging properties. American women are more obsessed with younger looking skin. So, here they have a perfect beauty item that surpasses most creams in the market. 

Hydroxatone reviews indicate wide acceptability of this cream. Women who hate makeup would love this cream. Laced with vitamin C that stimulates skin’s regenerative properties to produce collagen, the cream has emerged as one of the leading beauty items in the US. 

BB cream is the perfect tool for working women, who got little time for applying layers of makeup. Yet, they cannot skip makeup, as they need to look presentable at all times.