Coconut Oil – Natural Skin and Hair moisturizer

Do you know coconut is a great moisturizer for skin? It helps remove layer of dead skin cells from the surface and moisturizes the skin deeply. 

When you apply this oil, it might feel greasy on the skin at first. Don’t worry, since it will get absorbed in your skin within minutes. So, be patient before you decide to ditch this idea of using oil. 

What type of coconut oil to buy?Extra virgin coconut oil is ideal for the skin because it won’t block pores. Such oil is not refined, bleached, hydrogenated, or deodorized. It is pure. You can also buy organic, since it is free of any genetically modified organism.

If you intend to use coconut oil for cooking, which health experts say is a good choice, store it in the refrigerator. However, it’s not needed when you are using it for the skin. 

Coconut oil harbors several health benefits. Virgin oil serves as antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial. So, it is the best oil to protect yourselves from common cold and flu. 

This oil is great for massaging the scalp. It makes the hair soft and silky. Asian women, since ancient times, swear by hot coconut oil massages to keep their tresses long, thick, and lustrous. 


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