Get Hydroxatone BB Cream and Bid Goodbye to Makeup

Hydroxatone BB cream is different from the original Blemish Balm. This one contains anti aging ingredients and is a true friend of an American woman. The original BB came from Germany and later became the ultimate beauty tool of South East Asian women. Now, it has entered European and American market.

The Asian version of BB contains skin lightening agents, as Asian ladies desire fairer skin. In a bid to prepare the best anti aging face cream, scientists here have instilled anti aging property in the cream, making it THE cream for American women.

Hydroxatone BB cream serves as a primer, foundation, concealer, anti aging cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Its tinted moisturizer offers good coverage to light spots and fine lines on the face. So, women with less damaged skin can skip the use of foundation and concealer. For more damaged skin, you may need makeup. For this, BB offers a good base.

Hydroxatone BB cream saves you money in buying a separate moisturizer and sunscreen. Just slather the cream on your face, do touch-ups like applying lip gloss and eye liner and voila, you are ready for the day. This cream, indeed, liberates women.

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