Matrixyl 3000: A Vital Ingredient for Successful Anti Aging Treatment

For a wrinkle cream to be successful, it must possess certain ingredients. Without these, the cream is ill-equipped to deal with the tough aging signs. One of the ingredients is Matrixyl 3000.

This ingredient has created quite a wave in the cosmetic world. Clinical trials have proved that it reduces the appearance of wrinkles in about 4-6 weeks of regular application by a whopping 44 per cent. This is quite an achievement. The ingredient, which is a combination of peptides, increases collagen production in the skin. It stimulates fibroblast cells to synthesize enough of this “youth protein” (collagen) to give the skin its original supple, firm, and youthful look.

Apart from Matrixyl, another ingredient that is vital for successful wrinkle removal is Argireline.

This is also a peptide known for its muscle relaxing power. Dermatologists regard it as a good alternative to botox. The peptide works in line with nature. It does not kill the protein that transmits signal to contract the muscles, like botox does. Instead, it simply blocks the protein from transmitting the contraction signal. This results in a relaxation of tensed muscles, which, in turn, smoothens the face and reduces the appearance of creases and folds on the skin’s surface.

Cream containing this peptide and Matrixyl is a powerhouse of facial youth and beauty.

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