Favorite Skin Formula of Asian, American, and European Women

A BB cream is one of the handiest beauty tools for women. It acts as a primer, foundation, concealer, moisturizer, and sunscreen. It contains tinted moisturizer that provides slight to medium coverage to skin. So, if you got light blemishes and fine lines on the face, you can easily cover them up with this cream. No need to use makeup. 

BB cream has, since long, been used by Korean actresses, who swear by this cream. It is a favorite beauty cream of South Asian women. Originally developed by German dermatologists, this cream was used by surgeons to soothe and heal the skin after laser therapy. Ever since its excellent properties came to be known, women have become crazy about this beauty therapy. 

Such was the craze that it spread far and wide outside Asia, reaching American and European audiences. The growing popularity of this cream also saw the presence of some false rumors of Hydroxatone scam. Some misguided and misinformed people were unable to see the cream’s undisputed fame and began spreading false rumors about it. 

This has no affect on the cream’s demand. Dermatologists regard BB cream as the ideal choice for working women, who do not have the time to apply layers of makeup in the rush hour of morning. A single slather can keep flaws neatly hidden as you step outside to conquer the world with your beauty and charm. 


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